Mainstay Residential

As a Property Manager in the Midlands I have dealt with djb electrical for over 10 years and would confirm their quality of work and their overall response time and attitude is excellent.
Their out of hours service has been excellent and one of their best quality is the ability to trace and find and give sound advice rather than just quote for replacement which always helps with the finances.  
They work with us at all times and ensure they have the appropriate items for our developments and mark up all their work to lighting for future reference.  Their invoicing is prompt and their costs are competitive. When requested to return to a job to recheck we never receive any comeback and DJB arrange immediate revisits if requested.
DJB also ensure that their staff have ongoing training via workshops and college courses and have all the relevant certification to perform all electrical works. The staff are well mannered and presentable and communicate well with leaseholders.

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